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We understand the dual importance of your treasures, both sentimentally and financially.

Questions and concerns often arise with auctions and estate sales.

Be confident that we are here to guide you through the entire process.

Explore the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers below, and don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

We're here to assist you.

  • Are you Licensed, Bonded and Insured?
    Yes! We are serious about keeping the business legal, ethical and protected. Auctioneer License (NCAL9385, NCFL10723)
  • What is the difference in an online auction and an estate sale?
    For an on-line auction, a buyer can bid online on individual items from anywhere. We use the HIBID online auction tool. Found at For an Estate Sale, buyers come to a location on specific days and buy items for the price listed on the sales tag; there is no bidding against another buyer. More information on our estate sales can be found at Village Square Auctions in Burlington, NC (
  • How do I consign my items?
    We will set up a consultation to discuss what items you are wanting to consign. We will come up with a plan to help you meet those goals. Any items brought to the warehouse for consignment must be clean. If items are brought in dirty we will charge a cleaning fee. This will be discussed during the consultation.
  • How do I make payments?
    Buyers can make payments through secure credit card payment methods integrated in the HIBID platform. If you are picking up in person, we offer you the option of paying with cash or the credit card on file with HIBID. We do not accept checks. If you did not receive your invoice after an auction we kindly ask you to check your spam or junk email folder as well.
  • Do you ship items?
    YES, we will ship to the address on your HIBID account: * If your address is out of state (meaning outside North Carolina), we will automatically ship your items won during the auction to the address on file with HIBID (Please make sure your billing address on HIBID is the same as your Shipping address). * When the auction closes, we will immediately charge your credit card on file with HIBID for the bidding total. * Then your items will be sent to our shipping department, following the process below. * If your address is within North Carolina, but you want us to ship them to you, you must email us to begin the process. The Shipping process: * Your items will be carefully boxed, measured and weighed * We will select the best shipping option for the most economical, secure and safe delivery. * If your total shipping value is greater than $100, additional insurance will be added to your fees. * Your same credit card will be charged immediately for the shipping and handing fees. * You will receive an email with shipping tracking information.
  • Do you auction/sale firearms?
    YES * All firearms are secured off-site at our local Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer. * Buyers are responsible for the additional $25 fee for each gun transferred. * Firearms can be shipped, if you need shipping. * Buyers are responsible for all secure Shipping & Handling fees along with the transfer fee.
  • How do I know when your next auction or estate sale will be happening?
    We have several ways for you to keep up with all the outstanding events happening at Village Square Auctions & Estate Sales. Join our email list. To do so fill out the contact us form and let us know you would like to be added. Follow us on social media we post our happenings on Facebook and Instagram. Check for current and upcoming auctions Check Village Square Auctions in Burlington, NC ( for current and upcoming estate sales.
  • How do I register & bid for an online auction?
    First you must have a account. Here are the steps to create one if you do not; 1. Click login/new bidder at the top of the current auctions screen. 2. Click on the "NEW BIDDER" button to register. 3. You will be asked to enter your email and confirm your email. 4. Next enter your personal information and create a user name and password. Password is case sensitive. 5. Once you have created an account you will be able to login to your new account. How to Register & Bid on our online auctions: 1. Once you have registered with in order to bid on the auction you will then be asked to register for each individual auction. You do not have to register for each individual lot. Just the individual auctions we are having. 2. At this time you will be asked to register with a credit card to verify your identity. We will not charge your credit card unless you fail to show up by the last day of the scheduled pick up. We happily accept a cash payment at the scheduled pick up times and offer you a 3% discount when paying with cash. 3. Now you are ready to place a bid. *You can bid to the next increment. Bidding is set up with predetermined bid increments. Note: as the price increases so do the bid increments. *You can place a max bid. You are able to put in your max bid and the auction software will bid on your behalf. Note: this method is great for those who cannot watch the auction in its entirety. 4.You will be sent an invoice of your purchases via email at the end of the auction. The email will also include pick up dates and times. Pick ups are typically held the following Sunday and Monday after the auction from the hours of 10:00am-2:00pm.
  • What are the Terms & Conditions for Online Auction?
    * All items are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" with all faults. No guarantees, warranties, refunds, or exchanges. * While all descriptions are believed to be accurate, they are not guaranteed. Pictures are considered a part of the description; please thoroughly examine all pictures. * Bidder inspection is encouraged. No refunds or reverse bids will be issued, so inspect items before bidding and feel free to ask questions. * By placing a bid, the bidder signifies that they have either examined the items to their satisfaction or have chosen not to personally inspect them. * Village Square Auctions & Estate Sales reserves the right to reject any bid at our discretion. * All firearms are transferred by a local Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer, who charges a $25 fee for each gun transferred. Shipping is also available at your expense, and you are responsible for all shipping and handling fees along with the transfer fee. * NC taxes will be charged, and tax-exempt certificates must be emailed to upon registration to be on file at our location. * Buyer's premium rate: 18%. Approved local pick-up customers can pay in cash to receive a 3% discount at pick-up. * Accepted payment types: Cash, Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express. Checks are not accepted. * Items not picked up within 10 business days of the auction's conclusion at our warehouse will be forfeited, regardless of payment status. For auctions at private residences or other businesses, items must be picked up on the assigned pick-up days with no extensions. Shipping is available at your expense if you cannot pick up during scheduled times. * Village Square Auctions & Estate Sales now offers in-house shipping. Your items will be packaged and weighed for shipping, and shipping & handling costs will be added to your invoice and automatically charged to your HIBID card on file. Recycled packing materials are used to minimize shipping costs. The buyer is responsible for ALL shipping costs, and we cannot provide shipping estimates. The shipping address must match the address on file with HIBID. * For internet-only auctions, we reserve the right to cancel and/or reopen the auction or a lot in the case of system failures/glitches. * Cards on file with HIBID will automatically be charged at the conclusion of the auction. Ensure your card on file can cover your full total, including shipping and handling charges. If your card is declined, we will contact you for payment once. Failure to respond will result in a ban from further auctions. * Local pick-up customers should bring their own boxes, paper for wrapping, and assistance to load items. * Village Square Auctions & Estate Sales and the seller are not responsible for any accidents or harm during local pick-ups. * Village Square Auctions & Estate Sales reserves the right to charge a $25.00 a day storage fee for items not picked up. NCAL9385 NCFL10723 VAAL4249
  • Can I cancel an online bid?
    Once a bid is placed, it cannot be canceled. Make sure to carefully consider your bid before confirming.
  • How do I know if I've won an auction lot?
    If you have the highest bid when the auction ends, you will be notified of your winning status via email. Additionally, you can check the status of your bids in the "My Account" section of HIBID. We will also send out invoices detailing your winnings at the end of the auction. If you did not receive it please check the Junk and Spam folders as well.
  • What is the process for attending an in-person Estate Sale?
    You can preview items on the Estate Sales website at: When you arrive on-site: *Entry Numbers will be given out starting 1 hour prior to sale with a limited number of persons permitted in the house at a time. *Certified Service Animals welcome. No other pets allowed inside. SALE TERMS: *You agree to enter at your own risk. Village Square Auctions is not responsible for ANY accidents or for any other incidents that happen during or because of your attendance. *ALL sales are Cash and Credit Card Only. A 4% Service Fee Will Apply to all Credit Card Transactions. *Due to the nature of estate sales, we do not issue refunds; all sales are final, please inspect all items prior to purchasing. *You are responsible for loading any sizable items you purchase; All Items MUST be picked up by the end of the sale. *Large Bags, Handbags or Bookbags are not allowed inside of the home. *Any Food or Beverage’s must be consumed outside of the home. *Items may be added or deleted before the day of the sale. *Day of announcements take precedence to any previous advertisements written or verbal. *House is under video surveillance; Shoplifters will be prosecuted.
  • I have items for sale; where should I start?
    We're here to help you through this process. Take advantage of our complimentary consultation, where we'll assess your items, understand your goals, and create a customized plan to ensure you receive fair market value for your cherished belongings.
  • What items do you typically sale?
    Art and Collectibles: Antiques and Vintage Collectibles Art Glass Artwork (Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Sculptures, Folk Art) Collectibles (Figurines, Keys, Memorabilia, Old Photos, Stamps, Trading Cards) Vehicles and Outdoor Items: Automobiles, Motorcycles, RVs, and Scooters Dirt Bikes, Go Carts, ATVs Bicycles, Skateboards Boats, Canoes, Kayaks, Jet Skis Trailers and Campers Yard Art and Patio Décor Books and Media: Books, Comic Books, and Magazines Cameras, Photography Equipment, and Projectors Musical Instruments and Media Home Décor and Furnishings: China and Porcelain Crystal and Glassware Furniture (Indoor and Outdoor) Lighting (Fixtures, Lamps, Neon) Rugs Clothing and Accessories: Clothing, Furs, Outerwear, Shoes, and Fashion Accessories Vintage & Designer Jewelry (Fine and Costume) Military and Historical Items: Firearms, Knives, and Swords Militaria (Military Items, Collectibles, and Replicas) Historical Items Household and Everyday Items: Appliances Electronics and Computers Ephemera (Vintage Documents, Maps, Posters, Cards) Exercise Equipment Houseplants and Planters Kitchenware Linens and Quilts Office Supplies Pens and Inkwells Pottery Tools (Old and New Power Tools) Valuables and Precious Items: Coins and Currency (American and Foreign) Precious Metals (Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc.) Precious and Semi-Precious Stones Timepieces (Clocks, Pocket Watches, and Watches) Recreation and Sports Equipment: Sporting Equipment (Golf Clubs, Skis, etc.) Miscellaneous and Unique Items: Fossils and Geological Specimens Oddities Taxidermy and Insect Specimens Heavy Equipment Farm Equipment
  • When would I want to have an estate sale?
    Downsizing: Simplify your life and transition to a smaller living space. Relocation: Prepare for a move to a different location or change in residence. Managing a Loved One's Estate: Efficiently handle belongings when dealing with a loved one's estate. Life Transitions: Navigate major life changes, such as divorce, retirement, or the start of a new chapter. Assisted Living Transition: Ease the process of moving to assisted living or a care facility. New Beginnings: Facilitate life changes like starting a family or caring for loved ones.
  • How long will it take to prepare my items?
    Every sale is unique, and our commitment to the process is unwavering. During our consultation, we'll delve into the specifics with you. Our aim is to ensure a positive experience for all our sellers.
  • Can I set a reserve price for my item?
    Yes, sellers have the option to set a reserve price – the minimum amount they're willing to part with their item. Think of it as your safety net; if the bidding doesn't reach this threshold, your item remains yours. But, like any strategy, there are nuances to consider. Let's discuss the pros and cons of setting a reserve price to ensure your selling journey is tailored to your goals.
  • What are the fees associated with your services?
    Commission Structure: Typically a percentage of the total sales amount. Varies based on house size, prep work, and the quantity/value of items. Free Consultation: Provided to help clients understand all costs involved. Inclusive Commission Rate: Covers staffing, staging, advertising, pricing, and overseeing the entire sale. Detailed Contract: Clearly outlines all terms and conditions related to the sale.
  • What does an estate sale company do?
    Inventory the belongings Establish fair market values for household items and collectibles Professionally present and exhibit items in the home Organize and photograph the items List, advertise, and promote the estate sale services online Supervise the sale

Our Auction & Estate Sales Process


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